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Preserving fruit and vegetables

By Betty Fowler

Preserving tips:


Bottling and sterlizing (with more great tomato preserving techniques)

Making marmalade

Freezing spinach and silverbeet

Summer is a time of plenty usually in the garden. Tomatoes, zucchini, beans, cucumbers and fruits peaches, figs, bananas etc. The list limited only by what is produced in your area.

Just what to do with all the fruits and vegetables that have been harvested is a question that is often asked. The solution is to give away the excess to friends and neighbours, who no doubt will appreciate the produce. Using as many fresh that you can yourself. Try and be adventuresome with your cooking.

There is another way to conserve what is grown, and that is by spending time in the kitchen turning the produce into something else that can be used at a later date, preferably when not in season and expensive.

Making jams, pickles etc are some of the ways and I will endeavor to get together a collection of my recipes for this purpose. I have been making my own preserves etc over the years and have been extremely satisfied with the results.

If you have any comments, requests for different preserving tips or ways to use excess vegies that you have grown, feel free to contact me c/- The Vegetable Patch and I will endeavor to answer them.


Last updated 23 October, 2008

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